'Aquaman 2' Plot Leak Suggests Major DC Character to Appear in The Movie

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It looks like the DCEU just suffered a big leak, with insiders revealing some juicy details after the 'Aquaman 2' test screening.

Despite all the recent controversy, including Amber Heard's highly publicized defamation trial and Ezra Miller's ongoing legal troubles, the DCEU is definitely trying to build on its success in making big, distinctive blockbusters. Jason Momoa's 'Aquaman' sequel is certainly one of Warner Bros.'s biggest hopes for the coming year, and the studio is really ready to do whatever it takes to ensure the sequel's box office success. Even hiring Michael Keaton to appear as Batman. Again.

Of course, the scoop shared by famous insiders on Twitter is not all that surprising, given Keaton's confirmed appearance in 'The Flash', but the idea of a caped crusader in an underwater superhero movie still excites millions of DC fans around the world.

"#BatKeaton showed up twice in #Aquaman2 T Screening. Once in the first act to suggest Curry that there is something wrong with the Earth's core and probably the atlantians are behind it. Second, in the epilogue during Curry's speech. Guess it's official, DC has replaced #Batfleck," – @UndercoverCine.

In a discussion on Reddit fans speculated about what this scoop might mean for the DCEU future; many of them believe that Keaton's appearance in 'Aquaman' confirms their theory about 'The Flash' release.

"The Flash and Aquaman will definitely swap release dates because Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom takes place after The Flash, in the new DCEU," – /SpeedForce2022.

Thus, it seems that Warner Bros. finally got tired of Miller's antics and decided to release his film as soon as possible. And some fans offer further ideas about the inevitability of this decision.

"The speculation about Flash moving up is probably right. Controversy aside they probably just wanna get it over with to establish the new timeline going forward," – /FewWatermelonlesson0.

As of now, 'Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom' is slated to release on March 17, 2023.

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