Are the Brotherhood of Steel the Good Guys in the Fallout Universe or Not?

Are the Brotherhood of Steel the Good Guys in the Fallout Universe or Not?
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If you’re new to the Fallout franchise, you must be wondering whether Maximus’ faction is considered good or evil. Here’s all you need to know.

Prime Video ’s new Fallout TV show saw a massive resurgence of interest in the iconic video game universe, and a lot of new fans joined the club. The intricacies of the Fallout lore can be overwhelming and hard to grasp at first, and the multiple factions of the Wasteland are especially confusing for newly-emerged Vault Dwellers.

The Brotherhood of Steel played a huge part in the TV show and was important in most Fallout games, too. But are they good guys, bad guys, or just some guys?

The Brotherhood Makes the Wasteland Safer…

Even 200 years after the bombs fell, the Brotherhood of Steel is still largely true to what it once was: the remnants of the US Military Forces. As such, the Brotherhood is hellbent on discipline and order and sees its mission in making the Wasteland a safer place for humans by exterminating the mutated creatures that inhabit it.

Another important part of the Brotherhood’s policy is the prevention of another massive catastrophe like the Great War. To that end, the Brotherhood of Steel actively seeks out advanced technologies and secures as much of them as possible, making sure no raider warlords or insane tyrants get hold of powerful weapons.

…But the Brotherhood’s Goals Come at a Price

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The Brotherhood of Steel’s noble aspirations come at a price, however — and that price is their zero tolerance policy. Sworn to protect humans, the Brotherhood is eager to exterminate anyone who isn’t them — from mutated monsters like Gulpers and Deathclaws to sentient beings like Ghouls, Synths, and Super Mutants.

Another important flaw of this organization is its very nature: the Brotherhood of Steel is a military order, and they don’t tend to negotiate with those who oppose them. Many people accuse the Brotherhood of looking out for themselves and their political interests more than the safety of the Wasteland’s population (which is partially true), but the order either pays no attention to naysayers or wipes them out.

Verdict: Is the Brotherhood Good or Evil?

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Just like most other factions in the Wasteland, the Brotherhood of Steel can’t be strictly classified as saints or devils. Every player and viewer gets to decide that based on their own views, and it boils down to answering two questions.

Is the promise of safety reason enough for exterminating entire species of sentient beings without distinction?

Can any organization be trustworthy enough to be entrusted with hoarding the most advanced technology and weapons?

If you answered to both these questions “Yes,” the Brotherhood of Steel is your ultimate morally correct choice. In other cases, they fall into the same category as most things out in the Wasteland: morally ambiguous.