Are The Stars Of All Parts Getting Together For Fast X?

Are The Stars Of All Parts Getting Together For Fast X?
Image credit: globallookpress

The famous Fast & Furious franchise is getting its tenth movie this year.

Beloved by many, this series of action film owes much of its success to the topics raised in them.

Family, crime, espionage, and street racing are the core themes of the franchise that allow it to attract different audiences all over the globe.

Nevertheless, action comes first. The Fast Saga movies are known for their spectacularity, with gun fights, racing, expensive cars, and explosions being what it takes to make a successful motion picture.

The cast of the franchise rose to prominence along with it. Vin Diesel, who portrays the leading character Dominic Toretto, is particularly famous for this role, and so is his co-star Michelle Rodriguez who plays Letty Ortiz.

During the years, the Saga grew in popularity among world-wide audiences, which contributed to bigger budgets, in their turn, resulting in better VFX, gear, and the cast that has almost as many stars as the night sky.

And it seems that almost every one of them is returning to our screens. Both Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez will return as their characters, as well as the other actors in their crew.

The trailer has so much revealed that we are going to see such stars as Charlize Theron and Jason Statham as Cipher and Deckard Shaw respectively, and John Cena as Jakob Toretto.

What is more, Jason Momoa, best known for his portrayal of Khal Drogo and Aquaman in the DC universe movies, who is going to be the main antagonist of the plot – Dante Reyes.

"Wasn't expecting John Cena to return as Jacob. I thought he was just a one and done character. Also, Jason Mamoa as the bad guy? I have got to see how this plays out!!" one fan said in YouTube comments.

With record-high budget of 340 million US dollars, Fast X must be the action movie of the generation.

So far, we could see epic gun and fit fights, crushing helicopters and cars, racing, and a rolling object that reminds a naval mine and crushes everything in its way, as well as major explosions in European locations.

The Fast Saga fans are excited as never before, while others are very sarcastic about the upcoming movie's conspicuous saturation with money, CGI, and other action features.

"20+ yes ago they signed a 10 movie deal and here we are so much and too much special effects, nothing beats the good ole days and the realness of the beginning..." wrote another fan in a YouTube comment.

Whether you are looking forward to the premiere or not, you can watch Fast X and make your own judgement about it on May, 19th.