Axed Post-Credit Scene in 'MoM' May Hint That John Krasinski Won't Return as Reed Richards

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What other secrets was 'Multiverse of Madness' hiding from us?

It turns out that there are a lot of things in 'Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness' that we never saw – even though they could have easily changed the way things are going in the MCU.

Take Reed Richards, for instance. In the Doctor Strange sequel, he is portrayed by John Krasinski – and he is a resident of an alternative universe that Strange and Wanda break into. Richards fell victim to Scarlet Witch, who turned him into spaghetti after he refused to step back from her way.

However, according to the movie's writer Michael Waldron, it did not necessarily mean that he was dead.

Waldron told Empire that he wrote a post-credit scene that would have featured the events of the movie being reviewed by somebody in the Baxter Building, with a stretchy hand then coming into frame and revealing it was Reed.

However, the post-credit scene did not make it into the movie – a decision that, fans believe, might indicate that Krasinski is not coming back to portray Reed Richards in the MCU.

According to fans, it is quite weird and can potentially have many explanations.

"For context, it sounds like this was in a first draft of a script, and never filmed. And before Reed's cameo in the Illuminati was conjured up. So it seems like it wasn't so much as "cut" as just didn't make it into the actual script." – @aaronsagers

The Reed Richards issue is currently one of the hottest in the fandom, with people brainstorming over who might portray Mister Fantastic in the upcoming Marvel 'Fantastic Four' movie. Different names are being tossed around, but many fans are still hoping to see Krasinski as Reed once again.

Little is known about 'Fantastic Four', with the premiere date yet to be scheduled, and casting details yet to be announced.

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