Back To The Future’s Ending Is More Sinister Than You Think

Back To The Future’s Ending Is More Sinister Than You Think
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Marty’s adventures in time may have had some downsides too.


  • Back To The Future has always been considered a fun movie with a theme that many people are passionate about, but some fans still think there was something very obscure about the story’s ending.
  • On Reddit a discussion about it sprang up and there’s an opinion that Marty’s real parents didn’t really come back after the time’s alterations.
  • There were also some fans that retorted to it saying that the character’s parents just became different thanks to their son and, what’s more important, the fact that it’s just a film and nothing more shouldn’t be overlooked either.

Back To The Future has always seemed to be nothing but fun — an entertaining and in many parts just hilarious story about how a teenager from California manages to find a Time Machine and goes from 1985 to 1955 meeting the younger versions of his parents.

Though it does sound like something that many people could be down for, for several fans not everything in the film is actually about fun.

It’s been more than 40 years since Back To The Future was released, but a controversial ending still keeps dividing the fandom.

On Reddit, one user made a post with a gloomy heading about the film’s finale being “terrifying and depressing” — and then sharing a thought that Marty’s “good” parents that he met in the past are actually not his real parents who eventually died.

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All this raises a thought whether Marty himself is aware of the fact that most of his memories with people who brought him up have never existed.

Some other users have been quick to catch up with the discussion by retorting that Marty’s parents are not dead but rather in the alternate timeline since their son changed the pace of time.

Another comment defended this opinion by highlighting that Marty has indeed managed to fix his parents’ problems and thus in the end they happen to be better versions of themselves, not complete strangers.

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Luckily, there were still some people inside the discussion that urged everyone else to stop overthinking about Back To The Future and to just go back to reality — the plot is, to put it mildly, far from being real and the whole story is nothing more than just an entertaining movie.

Even with an ambiguous ending that sometimes makes devoted fans have sleepless nights, Back To The Future is still one of the best films of its genre with extraordinary technologies for the 1980’s production.

Source: Reddit