Before They Were Famous: 13 A-Listers Who Started in Horror Movies

Before They Were Famous: 13 A-Listers Who Started in Horror Movies
Image credit: Sony Pictures, Legion-Media

In Hollywood, horror films have always been looked down upon, their tendency to scare and provoke the viewer considered unworthy of the talents of major directors and stars.

And while that silly sentiment has been thrown out the window by the likes of Ari Aster and Jordan Peele in the last decade or so, the legacy of that poor judgment from producers still lingers, leaving fans surprised to see big stars appearing in older horror films.

Here are 13 A-listers who got their start in horror films:

Yes, it looks like many iconic Hollywood actors now have the B-movie industry to thank for their rise to the top of the acting food chain! After all, horror movies never needed big budgets and talented actors to be successful, which led to the youngsters on this list being cast and subsequently gaining fame and moving on to work in more respected genres.

And even though all of these movies came out a long time ago, we have to admit that even the thought of seeing the likes of Tom Hanks, Charlize Theron, and Johnny Depp starring in horror movies again makes us extremely excited!

Sadly, it's unlikely to happen anytime soon, because despite the introduction of upscale horror, A-listers still prefer to keep their connection to scary movies as a relic of the past.