'Better Call Saul' Season 6 Is Not As Great As It Seemed, and Here's Why

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Shortly after the first two episodes of 'Better Call Saul' season 6 finally premiered, fans were surprisingly united in their opinion that it is the best ongoing TV show. However, there's always a 'but'.

It looks like not everything is as sunshine and rainbows about 'Better Call Saul' as it seemed at first. If you too thought that the fans are suspiciously united in their love for the show's first two episodes, here's a relief: there are people who actually feel pretty disappointed about the show.

And these people just scream 'unpopular opinion' energy on Twitter and Reddit.

The main reasoning is that season 6 has too many dark scenes, and some characters – Lalo, for example – are "overrated".

Some people seem to just reject the hype.

And others seem to take issue with how their favourite characters evolve.

But the overwhelming majority of 'Better Call Saul' fandom is still adamant that the 'Breaking Bad' spin-off is one of the most outstanding, if not the best, series that are currently airing on TV. Although you may sometimes see clashes between people who believe that 'Breaking Bad' is unbeatable and those who insist that 'Better Call Saul' has outdone the original.

However, if you choose the third side and dislike the show, brace yourself: you are in both camps' crosshairs. Sorry, we don't make the rules.

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