Biggest Harry Potter Mistake the Writers Made: Leaving These 5 Moments Out

Biggest Harry Potter Mistake the Writers Made: Leaving These 5 Moments Out
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It's impossible to cram everything into the movie adaptation of a book, but some moments are just too much of a treasure to be left out like that.

Book fans rarely admit that a movie did just fine to live up to the book's standard, and with Harry Potter, there will always be something that fans feel was unfairly brushed under the rug by the movies. Here are five moments that people believe were a must in the Harry Potter films.

Neville's Parents

Harry is not the only one with a troubled family history. His prophecy "fellow" Neville Longbottom, whose parents were a part of the Order of the Phoenix, also had to carry a lot of sorrow with him. His parents were tortured to death by Bellatrix Lestrange, but it was only mentioned in the movies, and we never got to know more about Neville's family history.

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It could have been a great additional layer to Neville's character, as well as the illustration to the horror the Death Eaters brought to the Wizarding World.

Voldemort's Backstory

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It's not like we didn't get to know Lord Voldemort's backstory at all. We had some glimpses into his past in the Chamber of Secrets when Tom Riddle took Harry 50 years ago; we also saw some of the memories from Dumbledore and Professor Slughorn, but the books have clearly provided a lot more to Tom Riddle's degradation to pure evil than movies did.

Many fans still believe that the Half-Blood Prince movie was the perfect opportunity to let viewers into Voldemort's dark past, but instead we got some teenage drama and cringe-worthy Ron and Lavender relationship, which is… also fun? Probably?

Quidditch World Cup

The first two movies delivered enough Quidditch content to make fans fall in love with the iconic wizarding sport. However, as the story progressed further into Harry's drama with Voldemort, Quidditch received fewer attention, and even less screen time.

Up to this day, fans regret never seeing the Quidditch World Cup in Goblet of Fire, even though the movie spent plenty of time showing yawning Ron, the gang walking to the portkey, and then walking up the stairs to their seats. But the World Cup itself only received a couple of seconds just for Viktor Crum to show off on his broomstick.

Fred and George Bid Adieu

In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, we saw Fred and George leaving Hogwarts with a bang, turning Dolores Umbridge's exam into an extravaganza of light, fun, and fireworks.

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However, books fans know that the twins' exit from Hogwarts prompted a huge "prank war" in the school, as if the students needed a final nail in the coffin of every Umbridge's educational initiatives.

Harry vs Voldemort Final Duel

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 turned Harry and Voldemort's final duel into a little Hogwarts quest, with the two rushing through basically every single corner of the school. Many fans, however, believe that the book handled it a lot better: the final battle took place in the Great Hall in front of everybody, and involved a lot more dialogue than the movie had.

According to fans, the duel would have been a lot more climactic if the crowd was watching. In the movie, the archenemies locked horns when virtually no one was around, even though a large crowd has assembled when Hagrid, surrounded by Death Eaters, brought in Harry's body.

The movie lacked one main thing: celebration of Harry's victory over Voldemort. Hagrid was basically the only one to even react somehow.