Biggest SDCC 2022 Announcements And Reveals to Look For

Biggest SDCC 2022 Announcements And Reveals to Look For
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Content is coming. The only question is whether you are ready for it.

San Diego Comic-Con is arguably the most massive and exciting fan event of the year when it comes to pop culture. All the major announcements and teasers come from here; and now that this year's event kicked off on Wednesday, there is a buzz about what's coming.

But what is, in fact, coming? Here is a quick look at what insiders and fans expect to be revealed at SDCC 2022.

'Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power' Synopsis Trailer

We have already received new trailer just days ago, so it looks like the team behind 'The Rings of Power' certainly has something big to reveal at the event itself. According to insider John Campea – as well as many fans – the show will finally reveal a synopsis trailer at SDCC, providing the first actual look at the story rather than the lore.

'House of the Dragons'

'The Rings of Power' is not the only show to have already dropped a new trailer before SDCC, fueling fans' beliefs that there is something even bigger coming at the panel.

With the release of the action-packed trailer coming before the panel, many are now hyped for some actual footage, perhaps even an episode, to be shown at the panel.

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Big DC Surprise?

With Warner Bros. and DC dramatically cutting their presence at this year's Comic-Con by brushing 'Flash' and 'Blue Beetle' under the rug, many people believe the studio will need something truly big to steal the spotlight from Marvel's content-packed presentation.

And bringing back Henry Cavill as Superman would be just that. Naturally, his appearance has not been officially confirmed and remains to be something in between a rumor and a fan dream, but a lot of people certainly have their fingers crossed for Cavill to drop by.

Some people want Cavill to bring company.

"With Zack Snyder, Terrio and Nolan on board please. But I will believe this "news" only when it happens right now I feel nothing." – @MaJoJovi

Snyder fans seem to be ready for some good news as well.

"We all know that one of Henry Cavill's conditions for him to come back as Superman is that Zack comes back too. So if Henry comes back, so will Zack and the Snyderverse." – @Batloen

The MCU Strikes Back

Naturally, Marvel Cinematic Universe remains a massive and essential piece of this year's Comic-Con schedule. With Phase Four in full swing, the studio is expected to drop several big revelations as fans expect some footage from 'Black Panther: Wakanda Forever ' and news about the 'Fantastic Four ' reboot.

However, a lot of people are also hyped for Charlie Cox to make an appearance and tease some more Daredevil in the MCU. There is indeed a chance for Cox's character to be confirmed as part of the upcoming show 'Echo'.

"Hoping that maybe Matt looking for Jessica will be like the stinger on the end of the show/his part of the story in Echo and that'll just lead into s4 of Daredevil/whatever the soft reboot of the show is gonna be?? Oh man. Bring on SDCC and D23. I NEED MORE INFO!!" – @LoTCosplay

There has also been a rumor that Marvel might announce 'Eternals 2' at its panel. This would be a big thing, but it seems that fans were way too disappointed with the first movie to be truly hyped about it. Moreover, a lack of positive response to the first film might also impact the production of the sequel, some people believe.

"Eternals 2 is gonna happen but there's gonna be no creative freedom anymore because of the backlash of the first Eternals movie." – @SadPplDancing

Finally, fans continue to speculate about the Russo brothers returning to the MCU to direct 'Secret Wars ' – or something as big and ambitious as that. Joe and Anthony Russo have explicitly hinted that they are on board with an idea but clarified they had no conversations with the studio about the possible return. We'll see about that on the SDCC Marvel panel.

San Diego Comic-Con kicked off on Wednesday, with major panels, including Marvel's "mega-panel", to come later in the weekend.