Black Adam Can Nail the Almost Impossible Task of Reviving DCEU

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It would seem that there is still hope for the DC Extended Universe.

First reviews for Black Adam are already pouring in as some reports have already got their chance to check the new movie out — and it looks like there is some hope for DC fans after all.

According to pop culture influencer Matt Ramos, Black Adam is "about to revive the DCEU". He did not elaborate what exactly gave him that impression, but it seems that a lot of reporters share the sentiment.

Early reviews praise Black Adam for compelling and exciting actions scenes. However, the most hyped thing about the movie — potential spoiler alert! — is the reported comeback of Henry Cavill's Superman.

It seems that Black Adam certainly has a lot to offer as a standalone movie — not only it appears to have great visuals and chilling action scenes, but also it managed to ride the hype wave with potentially reintroducing Superman. Deadline has already estimated that Black Adam is going to "wake up fall moviegoers with a $65M-$70M opening."

The movie's potential success might be the only thing that will keep the DCEU from being reset. Currently, Warner Bros. is not enjoying its best time — with the recent shake-up and new leadership, as well as a slew of controversies and scandals, the future of the DCEU has perhaps never been this vague.

Early numbers can be a good start for Black Adam anyway, with many fans being optimistic.

"If this can do 700m worldwide, it would be a big win. For perspective, The Batman did 770 with incredible reviews and obviously being the Batman, and Thor did 760 even though he's considered an A list MCU character. For a B list DC character, 700m in his debut would be massive. These early numbers are definitely a good start." – u/Intelligent-Net-4417

With "the rest of the DCEU setting the bar pretty low", as fans put it, Black Adam does have a chance of being a successful standalone movie, but the prospect of it "saving" the entire cinematic universe is still under question. However, the level of brutality that is unusual for superhero movies, as well as the potential return of Cavill's Superman, might pave the way for the DCEU to rise.

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