Blue Bloods' Final Season Walks Into the Same Trap That Doomed Yellowstone

Blue Bloods' Final Season Walks Into the Same Trap That Doomed Yellowstone
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Is this a new trend to make everything more complicated?


  • Blue Bloods season 14 is going to be its last and be released in two parts.
  • CBS stated that the upcoming season will consist of 18 seasons.
  • Two-part release is a risky thing to do because the fans might lose interest in the show.

All fans of Blue Bloods are now scratching their heads and counting the days and months they'll have to wait to finally see how the series wraps up. The iconic police procedural will end with its season 14, and the latest news is that the upcoming chapter will also be divided into two parts.

There will be a total of 18 episodes, with the first ten airing on February 16 on CBS, and the other half of the season released sometime in the fall of 2024. But it seems that as much as the fans of the show are distinguished by their devotion to the show, this two-part thing might spoil everything for the cop drama.

The thing is, audiences tend to lose interest in the show after it goes on a huge pause right before its finale. And although it’s not particularly the Blue Bloods crew’s fault that it took so long to start filming season 14 (the hiatus was due to SAG-AFTRA strike), the idea to create another pause intentionally will highly likely backfire. Like it has already happened to another popular TV show.

How the Two-Part Final Season Killed Yellowstone?

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Yellowstone is one of Taylor Sheridan 's masterpieces, which premiered in 2018 and became a hit in no time. The creator of the series managed to capture all the essentials of a great western, and the fact that the main character was played by Kevin Costner certainly made it even more enjoyable to watch.

The show had a pretty steady run with its first four seasons, but something went wrong after that, and we know exactly what it was. Season 5 of the show was also announced to be released in two parts, and while that seemed okay at first, fans soon realized that it was clearly a bad idea. And the strike only made things worse.

“It's gonna be almost two years, that's so dumb. Right now it says November 2024 and the first episode of season 5 was released in January 2023,” Redditor Nathaniel866 said.

All the Yellowstone Reddit threads about season 5 are full of disappointed fans saying that they don't really care about the end of the show at this point.

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Of course, there's another reason they're so upset, and that's the scandal surrounding Costner and Sheridan's beef.

“I don't think that I'll be tuning in. The drama surrounding the series and the many MANY plot holes as well as the disbelieve-able concept was fun at first. But now? it's just another ho-hum. Haven't missed it in the last few years...Won't miss the conclusion,” Redditor tnakahara said.

Well, with all that in mind, Blue Bloods should really be careful with their future decisions if they don't want to spoil the show's great legacy.

The first part of the final season of Blue Bloods will be released on CBS and Paramount+ on February 16, and the second part is coming out in fall 2024.