Booster Gold Gets Chris Pratt Makeover, Fans Don't Want MCU Star Nowhere Near DCU

Booster Gold Gets Chris Pratt Makeover, Fans Don't Want MCU Star Nowhere Near DCU
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DC Studios has announced a massive slate of upcoming movies and series, including an HBO Max series surrounding the relatively unknown Booster Gold. Fan art quickly popped up of Chris Pratt in the role, while other fans are resoundingly opposed.

Booster Gold was introduced in 1986 as a snarky time-traveler from 25-century Gotham who used his futuristic tech to become a modern celebrity. While depicted as a hero, he also loved to show off and used his knowledge of history to stage heroism.

Even before the series was announced for development, fancast art appeared of Chris Pratt in Booster Gold's blue-and-gold suit.

Last December, Reddit user u/clutchkweku posted on a fancasting page an AI-generated image of the Guardians of the Galaxy actor as Booster Gold. The user used the program Midjourney to create the image.

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Pratt's known for his comedic timing, having performed in several movies that toed the line between comedy and drama. His GOTG role as Peter Quill was revered for both his raw emotion and being one of the MCU 's funniest characters.

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While Pratt hasn't even been confirmed to be in consideration for the role, fans are already divided.

One fan tweeted that an actor like Pratt has the "humor, arrogance, and charisma" for Booster Gold. Another said that it's Pratt's job to lose.

On the other hand, fans opposed to the casting have been far more passionate. One said that if Warner Bros. and DC cast Pratt, they will "quit DC forever."

GOTG was made by James Gunn, who currently is co-CEO of DC Studios. He's said before that he will use actor he's worked with – including those from DC's direct competitor in Marvel – if they fit the role.

In Gunn's The Suicide Squad, a DC film from 2021, he used several longtime Marvel actors. Many DC fans were opposed to this inter-franchise casting, and this may ending up being the most high-profile.

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This will be Booster Gold's most prominent appearance in film or television and his first lead role. He previously appeared in the last season of Smallville and eventually in the Arrowverse series Legends of Tomorrow.

Pratt's one of the most bankable stars in the industry and has a working relationship with the head of DC. He's proven capable of portraying a character just like Booster Gold – funny and witty while still being believable as a superhero.

He may be a great fit on paper, but time will tell if Gunn will cast him against so many fans' wishes.