Bradley Cooper's Stunning Transformation For New Role Has Fans Divided

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Recently, we have seen a lot of actors drastically changing their appearance for the role. Is it worth the effort, though?

Bradley Cooper has undergone a jaw-dropping transformation into Leonard Bernstein for the movie 'Maestro' – a directorial follow-up for 'A Star is Born'.

However, it seems that his experiments with changing his appearance did not impress as many fans as Cooper might have hoped for. Particularly, people took issue with the fact that, instead of putting so much effort into the transformation, he could simply cast an age-appropriate actor for the role.

Among those defending Bradley was director James Gunn himself, who explained why Cooper opted for transformation rather than a different casting choice.

And Gunn was not alone.

'Maestro' started production earlier in the month, with the movie premiere not expected before 2023. Cooper plays Broadway composer Leonard Bernstein, with Carey Mulligan playing Bernstein's wife Felicia Montealegre.

The movie will mark Cooper's another attempt at directing after his marvelous debut with 'A Star Is Born', which secured a $436 million at world box office and eight Oscar nominations.

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