Bridgerton Creator Open to a Gay Lead, Fans Don't Hold Their Breath

Bridgerton Creator Open to a Gay Lead, Fans Don't Hold Their Breath
Image credit: Netflix

Since the very first episodes, Bridgerton caught the attention of millions of viewers around the globe thanks to its compelling way of combining history with a modern approach.

However, despite it being in tune with the times, the themes about class, love, and marriage the show touches on aren't quite as progressive as they could be when it comes to queer topics. But as it turns out, this may change in the future as the creator of Bridgerton herself has expressed her openness to having a gay character leading a season.

Although this has sparked excitement among some fans, others are not holding their breath as they're waiting to see if the showrunners will follow through.

Julia Quinn, the author of the infamous Bridgerton novels, which the hit Netflix series of the same name is based on, recently revealed that she's open to the idea of introducing a gay lead character in the popular period drama.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan Spain, Quinn disclosed that she thinks the reason why the show makes people feel good is that they portray a more inclusive world in which anyone has the right to be happy.

"A gay lead on Bridgerton sounds like a good idea to me, because the objective of the saga has always been to show that all people deserve a happy ending," she said.

This news has been welcomed by the fans of the show, who have been clamoring for more representation of LGBTQ+ characters on screen. They appreciate her not canceling out the idea and showing support for the creation of the type of entertainment that embraces diversity.

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But while many are hopeful that this could be a reality, others are not rushing to get excited just yet. As Quinn is not part of the writing process for the actual show and is more of a consultant, these changes won't be up to her.

And let's not forget how they teased a steamy scene with gay lovers ahead of the first season, which left fans who expected decent gay storylines disappointed, and the show was accused of "queerbaiting."

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Having said that, viewers would be pleasantly surprised if the show creators do decide to take this direction. Although gay relationships might not have been celebrated at the time, it doesn't mean they didn't exist or that gay couples couldn't have any romance or happy endings.

There's no guarantee that a queer lead character will be introduced anytime soon. But one thing's for sure – with Bridgerton being one of Netflix's most successful shows, it would be a huge step forward for the LGBTQ+ community.