Cam Gigandet's Explanation for Twilight's Comeback is So Spot-on, We Can't Help but Agree

Cam Gigandet's Explanation for Twilight's Comeback is So Spot-on, We Can't Help but Agree
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The Twilight franchise began in the mid-2000s and took the world by storm.

The books, followed by the movie adaptations, center on the forbidden love story of teenage girl Bella Swan and centuries-old vampire Edward Cullen, exploring the difficulties of their relationship as well as the dangers that lurk around them.

The first movie was a massive success, and four more films followed.

Fans were enthralled by Edward and Bella's dramatic love story turned love triangle involving werewolf Jacob Black, the fierce rivalry between vampires and werewolves that had to be kept a secret from the humans at all costs.

The Twilight saga became one of the highest-grossing franchises of all time and ignited a cultural phenomenon that had fans obsessed over vampires and werewolves, choosing between Team Edward and Team Jacob, wearing Twilight merchandise, and trying to become as close to a vampire as they could, including not wanting to step out into the sun.

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Unlike Edward Cullen and other vampires in the movies, the hype around Twilight didn't live forever.

The obsession and excitement over the franchise died down as people moved on to the next big movie or series, and Twilight was forgotten, until now.

Twilight seems to have moved back into the spotlight just over a decade after the last movie was released.

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Conversations about the Twilight franchise have seen a sudden resurgence on social platforms like Twitter and TikTok, and people are binge-watching the films on Netflix.

But why that happened? One of the movie franchise's villains seems to have what we believe is the perfect answer.

Actor Cam Gigandet looks very different nowadays compared to the Twilight films, where he played a long-haired villain, a vampire named James.

James appears in the first movie where he and two other vampires visit the Cullens, Edward's family, and discover that they have a human amongst them.

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Upon seeing Edward's protectiveness over Bella, James, a tracking vampire with a taste for human blood, decided that she would be exciting for him to hunt.

Looking at the world today, Gigandet believes that people are feeling drawn back to Twilight because of nostalgia.

"Vampires were our biggest problem as opposed to all of the sh*t that we've created. It was a simpler time, so it makes sense that people would want to [experience] the nostalgia of 'Twilight' and why they would want to go back to that."

And we can agree: there is too much negativity, too many problems, and too much happening in the world that people are looking for simplicity, and Twilight offers just that.

Whether it's old fans re-watching the saga as a comfort movie, or new, younger audiences looking for an escape, they turn to the fantasy world of Twilight and immerse themselves in the small, gloomy town of Forks to follow Edward and Bella's story.