Can Netflix's 'The Sandman' Become A Success? Here's What Reddit Thinks

Image credit: Netflix

Neil Gaiman's iconic comic book will finally appear in live-action this summer, but some fans aren't sure if the high-budget show will catch on.

'The Sandman', originally published as a comic book in the 1990s, has long been considered completely unsuitable for adaptation because of the sheer number of main characters, the confusing narrative structure, and the overstretched plot, requiring hundreds of hours of content to bring it to the screen. Despite all this, Netflix is willing to give this project a fair shot by allocating a decent budget for this fantasy series. Neil Gaiman himself serves as producer and screenwriter, so fans are confident that the series will be as faithful to the source material as possible. Yet recently released footage once again casts doubt on the success of 'The Sandman'.

In a discussion on Reddit, fans have scrutinized all of the available pictures of the main characters, some of the painted sets and CGI effects. And it seems that most of them are not impressed with what they see, claiming that the overall look makes you think the series was filmed a couple of decades ago.

"What I see keeps looking underwhelming. The costumes especially feel like they are lacking detail usually associated with big-budget productions. Hope the show rules, nonetheless." – /cgcego.

However, some people are giving Gaiman the benefit of the doubt, noting that the writer himself is more pleased with the way Netflix treated his book than Starz and their failed adaptation of 'American Gods'.

"Gaiman specifically mentions how the process was so different with Netflix. Apparently they didn't interfere with his creative vision on this one, and want to go the extra mile to make everything authentic to the story." – /flash-tractor.

'The Sandman' will arrive on Netflix on August 5, 2022.

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