Carlisle's Real Age in Twilight Makes Entire Cullen Arc Even Creepier Than It Already Is

Carlisle's Real Age in Twilight Makes Entire Cullen Arc Even Creepier Than It Already Is
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The family's bizarre age differences made fans see their story in a whole new light.

The Twilight Saga ended more than a decade ago, with the release of Breaking Dawn: Part 2 in 2012.

Despite receiving mixed reviews from critics throughout its run, the film series was a box office success around the world and eventually became a cultural phenomenon, whether some people liked it or not.

To this day, fans continue to stumble upon something new for them, sparking discussions on social media. One such case recently surfaced on Reddit when an unsuspecting fan found out some rather disturbing details about the Cullen family.

It seems that Carlisle Cullen, the patriarch of the family, was only 23 years old when he was turned. Furthermore, his wife and matriarch of the family, Esme Cullen, is technically only three years older than him, having been turned at the age of 26.

This commonly overlooked detail makes their whole family situation quite creepy.

As Reddit user MariaEtCrusis pointed out: "Yikes, that's young, literally in my age group. I thought he'd been turned at around 40, that's why they said that he looked ~10 years younger than he should look."

What makes it all so strange is that their adopted children are all biologically no more than nine years younger than them.

Edward was turned at 17, which technically makes him the youngest Cullen, but he is still only six years younger than his father and nine years younger than his mother.

Alice is 19, Jasper and Rosalie Hale are 19 and 18. But the most bizarre situation is Emmett Cullen, who is only three years younger than his adoptive father and six years younger than his mother.

Yes, vampires do not age, and both Carlisle and Esme are actually much older than their adopted children. But that does not take away from how strange it can sometimes be to watch their family dynamic.

"Yeah, ages of the vamps are pretty strange. Carlisle and Esme "adopting" other Cullens would be illegal in my country, because they are too young, you need to be 16 years older than the kid you want to adopt," Reddit user beb42 said.

It is always fascinating to find out something new about your favorite franchise years after you think you know it all... even if it makes you cringe sometimes.

We suspect that Twilight holds even more secrets for fans willing to dig deep enough.