Cavill's Paycheck for Black Adam Cameo Revealed; Looks Like He Left The Witcher For Nothing

Cavill's Paycheck for Black Adam Cameo Revealed; Looks Like He Left The Witcher For Nothing
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Henry Cavill is not returning as Superman – this is a fact the fans we'll have to put up with.

The actor left Netflix 's The Witcher franchise this fall and back then it seemed logical as rumors suggested Cavill was tired of fighting with the show's writers who had their own vision of Geralt and the plotline in general.

So, when he later announced his comeback as iconic Superman, a lot of people rejoiced.

Henry Cavill 's net worth is estimated to be at least $50 million. How much could have The Witcher actor made off Superman should it happen?

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It's known that The Witcher Season 1 brought him slightly more than $3 million as he was paid $400,000 per episode and there are 8 of them in total in the first season. Season 2 brought him twice that amount as Cavill's paycheck was $1 million per episode. In total, it gives us $8 million. While it is not immediately clear how much he was paid for The Witcher Season 3 it would be logical to assume that his salary was most likely higher than that.

And now it's been revealed that Henry Cavill got only $250,000 for his cameo in Black Adam and another $250,000 for his cameo in Flash. The amount was made public by Umberto Gonzalez, the editor-in-chief of Heroic Hollywood, which focuses on Marvel and DC superhero universes and beyond.

"Cavill got paid $250k for the cameo in Black Adam and another $250k for the now deleted Clark Kent scene at the end of The Flash," the journalist's tweet reads.

And now compare this with the paycheck he got for The Witcher, one of the greatest series out there. But the worst thing is not that he got only $500k. The most devastating is that Cavill actually left for nothing because James Gunn scrapped Cavill's Superman, for who there's no place in the DCEU he is shaping with Peter Safran now.

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When we say "nothing," we mean both money and the creative side of his departure.

In his latest post in Instagram Henry Cavill called on his fans to not take the news too close to heart. The news was sad indeed but "that's life", the actor said in his statement. While it is not clear to which extent the money aspect matters for Cavill, it is Cavill losing two iconic roles, which is a greatest of tragedies for the fans.