Chicago Fire Shocks Fans with Season's Biggest (Albeit Predictable) Plot Twist

Chicago Fire Shocks Fans with Season's Biggest (Albeit Predictable) Plot Twist
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Did you expect this to happen?

The workdays of the Firehouse 51 are filled with heroics and danger. But their interpersonal relationships are also full of problems and conflicts. Chicago Fire wouldn't be Chicago Fire if it weren't for sudden plot twists. And the Season 12 finale gave viewers one of those.

Jack Damon Was a Suspicious Character from The Very Start

Jack Damon appeared on the show only recently, in Episode 10 of Season 12, but he has already managed to make a lot of noise and raise a lot of suspicion among viewers. He replaced Derrick Gibson, who left Firehouse 51 due to mental health issues. However, the warm welcome for the new team member quickly turned to distrust.

Darren overheard Damon's rather suspicious phone conversation in which he said: "That isn't the only reason why I'm here. No, no, nobody here knows. And I'll keep it that way for as long as I want."

Jack is Kelly Severide's Half-Brother

So what did no one at Firehouse 51 know? Turns out it was a really big secret, because Jack is actually Kelly Severide's half-brother.

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The Chicago Fire writers have tried to make Jack seem like a shady character, but not an evil one – he was just too interested in Kelly for a typical working relationship. Because of this, fans almost immediately began to suspect that Kelly and Damon had some kind of family connection, but many believed that Jack was Severide's son, even though Severide was too young to have such an adult son.

“I saw it coming from the jump. Especially when he said “I really wanna be a part of 51, I was in Severide's Class (which he lied about), etc.” I knew he had to be related to Kelly,” Reddit user Clear-Friend1783 wrote.

After Such a Plot Twist, Chicago Fire Will Probably Have a New Dynamic

Viewers were introduced to Benny, the father of Kelly and Jack, in the early seasons of Chicago Fire – he was also a member of Firehouse 51 and was known as a womanizer. Kelly and Benny's relationship was strained at first, but over time, father and son learned to work together, which was an important part of Kelly's development and added depth to the character.

Now that Kelly has a close relative at Firehouse 51, the show will definitely have a new dynamic – and the stakes will be even higher.