Christopher Nolan Wants to Be Played by His Oppenheimer Star Cillian Murphy

Christopher Nolan Wants to Be Played by His Oppenheimer Star Cillian Murphy
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If there's ever a movie filmed about his life, Nolan wants Murphy to star in it.

The friendship and creative partnership between Christopher Nolan and Cillian Murphy is truly remarkable. Murphy has been cast in six movies of the director so far (which is basically half of his films), and together, they've created a bunch of modern classics — from The Dark Knight trilogy to Inception and, most recently, Oppenheimer.

With the lead role in Nolan's upcoming magnum opus being the biggest in the actor's career, Murphy's talent is indisputable, as he is widely regarded as one of the best actors of his generation. Just in collaboration with Nolan, he's played virtually every kind of character now, and he boasts even more diverse roles beyond their work together.

But Christopher Nolan would've been glad if his friend and colleague would undertake another project for him. Recently, Nolan was asked what advice he could give to a person that would potentially try to shoot a biopic about him. The director had no clue what to say at first but an idea came quickly to his mind.

"Don't! [laughs] You cast Cillian Murphy, you know, here you go," Nolan replied.

Though the director and his lead have nothing in common in terms of their appearance, we can kind of see where Christopher Nolan is coming from here. He and Cillian have spent countless hours working together on six separate projects, and the actor knows him well enough to make the best interpretation of the director's character.

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Paired with his unmatched talent and depth when it comes to breathing life into his characters, Murphy would be the best performer for the role, and this casting choice would make the biopic almost romantically touching. The famous director's favorite actor sharing his story with the wider world… Sounds like the perfect homage to the friendship between the two men.

We're not quite sure if the world needs a movie about Christopher Nolan right now, but in the future, who knows? If that time comes around, the audience would be excited to learn that Cillian gets to put on Nolan's coat and maybe even direct a fictional Murphy on the screen.