Cole Hauser Spills the Beans on How Long We'll Have to Suffer Through Yellowstone

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Cole Hauser may have just leaked something that Yellowstone showrunner Taylor Sheridan didn't want to get out to the public.

It's not a secret that the series creator has been extremely quiet regarding the future of Yellowstone, including how many more seasons it will last.

In fact, stars of Yellowstone like Wes Bentley and Luke Grimes, have revealed that they have no idea how Yellowstone will end. Despite it, Hauser – who plays the infamous Rip Wheeler on the series – claims that he is well aware of the answer.

According to the 47-year-old actor, Yellowstone is destined for at least two more seasons. Therefore, those that have been displeased with the lackluster showing of season five will have to endure at least a few more years of the western set in Montana.

While on the red carpet of the 2023 Golden Globes, Hauser was adamant that Yellowstone is far from over. In fact, he claimed the show has been greenlit for a sixth and seventh season despite no official confirmation from Paramount.

According to the network, Yellowstone has yet to get renewed beyond its current fifth season though negotiations are anticipated.

It's something that has been highly discussed on social media with many Redditors forecasting that Yellowstone will exist for at least a season or two more. Unfortunately, this is not exactly good news to some people that feel like the show has outlived its potential.

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Indeed, there is a growing sentiment on Reddit that Sheridan has abandoned Yellowstone and placed more of his interest on its numerous spin-offs (including the recent release of 1923).

Still, Hauser firmly believes that Yellowstone can restore faith in audiences. On the red carpet, he shared that working on the set was the best experience any actor could ever ask for.

Additionally, he highlighted the writing (which he defined as "unbelievable") and fellow cast members.

It's easy to see why Hauser was feeling so chirpy that night as the Golden Globes finally paid some respect to Yellowstone. It appears the show is no longer as popular on sites like Reddit yet finally got some recognition from prestigious awards.

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Hauser's co-star Kevin Costner received the award for "Best Actor in a TV Drama Series" – which many consider long overdue. The Golden Globe was the first major victory for Yellowstone which has been infamously ignored in years prior.

Currently, the fifth season of Yellowstone is on hiatus until summer 2023. The mid-season finale concluded with (teasers ahead) Jamie seeking to impeach his father (Kevin Costner) as well as silence Beth (Kelly Reilly) for good. Season five episodes generated, on average, 13 million viewers – the largest audience of any show on television.

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