Colin Firth's Performance in 'The Staircase' Seriously Creeped Out His Co-Stars

Image credit: HBO Max

Colin Firth is widely regarded as one of the most talented actors working in film industry today, but it looks like his recent performance in the HBO Max's miniseries will surprise even his most loyal fans.

The Oscar-winning star of 'The King's Speech' plays the role of disgraced novelist Michael Peterson sentenced to prison for allegedly pushing his wife down the stairs. The prestigious miniseries also stars Toni Collette, Michael Stuhlbarg, Dane DeHaan and Parker Posey. The series is based on the hit 2004 true crime documentary of the same name.

Bringing to life such a morally ambiguous character is no easy task, but it seems that series director Antonio Campos made a great decision choosing Firth for this role. The actor, known for his believable portrayals of a kind but stern men, went beyond his character to play this frightening novelist, seriously frightening his colleagues in the process.

Parker Posey praised Firth's performance in a conversation with The New Yorker, describing it as uncanny and really creepy.

"We all freaked out at the Zoom readings. I just got creeped out because he was so uncanny. He just really stepped it up ... Every weekend, we got together and talked about it. Is he guilty? Is he innocent? Did he do it? I don't want to think that he did something like that. He's such an interesting person. He's such a character," Posey said.

Fans who have already seen 'The Staircase' agree with Posey and share their surprise that Firth is so uncharacteristically creepy as Peterson.

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