Could Slughorn Be the Real MVP of the Battle of Hogwarts? Wild Deathly Hallows Theory Suggests So

Could Slughorn Be the Real MVP of the Battle of Hogwarts? Wild Deathly Hallows Theory Suggests So
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Is he really the unsung hero of the Battle of Hogwarts?

Even after all these years, there may still be mysteries surrounding the story of Harry Potter and how he managed to defeat the Dark Lord. Sure, it's about him and his friends being heroic, finding the Horcruxes, and making sure they stay together no matter what, but what if there's something else behind the scenes... or, if we're paying attention, right in the scenes?

According to Redditor Qaztarrr and their "crackpot theory," the Battle of Hogwarts was actually won because of... Horace Slughorn's decision to knock back a few Felix Felicis.

While this should be taken with a pinch of salt, there is a frame in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows where Slughorn can be seen drinking in the background while everyone else rushes to fortify Hogwarts before the arrival of Lord Voldemort.

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If it was indeed Liquid Luck, then the Potions Professor was definitely doing his best to secure a victory for his school. But if it wasn't, one might ask... why?

"Felix Felicis is right behind time turners on the list of "Don't talk about that" HP lore," Redditor bodhasattva noted.

However, some claim that even if Slughorn drank Felix Felicis, it would not guarantee victory for Hogwarts.

"Pretty sure the Felix Felicis would have just ensured that Slughorn survived, not the entire battle would be won. Unless the lead strategist of the battle took it and then threw darts at a cork-board covered in tactics. That would probably lead to Hogwarts winning," Redditor A_Pringles_Can95 said.

After all, giving all combatants a little Liquid Luck seems like a pretty decent way to at least increase the odds. So the question is not whether Slughorn actually drank some Felix, but why didn't everyone?