Crystal Reed Was the Inspiration Behind Teen Wolf: The Movie

Crystal Reed Was the Inspiration Behind Teen Wolf: The Movie
Image credit: MTV

So now you know who to thank for that particularly nostalgic reunion.

Bringing biggest Teen Wolf stars to NYCC wasn't that easy, but bringing them all to the set was much more challenging – so it wasn't all that surprising that the very first question Jeff Davis got asked at Teen Wolf NYCC panel was about that particular achievement.

When asked about how come he even decided to try and get the fairly extensive Teen Wolf cast back for a movie, Jeff Davis told the crowd that there was "a couple of different inspirations" behind it, first one being the question "could we bring Crystal Reed back?"

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Apparently, that was the very first thought that eventually inspired Davis to get to work on Teen Wolf project:

"The idea started percolating, and I said to Crystal – over text, actually, on Instagram it was, – I said, are you ready to pick up the bow and arrow again? And we talked, and there was magic still there".

The show's creator was consistently vocal about his love for Allison as one of the most popular Teen Wolf characters, repeatedly talking in the past about how they would have to bring Crystal back if some sort of an on-screen reunion was to happen. Somehow Jeff figured out just how to handle Allison being back from the dead, and we'll get to learn more about it when the movie premieres on January 26, 2023. For now, though, all we got is a couple of very vague comments from Crystal Reed herself and an impressive roster of fan theories, ranging from Allison being resurrected by Nogitsune to her being a version of Allison from some alternate reality where the whole "Scott being bitten by Derek Hale's creepy Alpha uncle" debacle didn't happen.

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The actress herself told EW that she's playing a "new" version of Allison, a version they have to create specifically for the movie, apparently. It took Crystal some time and research to really get back into her character's skin:

"I did use a lot of music, and I was looking into a bunch of things that happen to people's psyches. And then I watched the show again from start to finish which was really hard for me to watch because it made me sad. But I fell back in love with her which was nice."

Even though it seems like Crystal Reed, at least to some extent, was the inspiration behind Teen Wolf: The Movie, sources indicate that her character won't be the movie's Big Bad. At this point, however, we know next to nothing, so any theory or rumor should be taken with a grain of salt. As the actress pointed out, "we don't even know if she's alive. We're not supposed to tell you if she's even alive or not. That's what we got. She's back but is she alive?"