Reddit Theory Explains Allison's Comeback in Teen Wolf Movie Perfectly

Reddit Theory Explains Allison's Comeback in Teen Wolf Movie Perfectly
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The new Teen Wolf movie is slated for release in 2023, and the Reddit community is already on top of things with a load of new theories. One, in particular, being Allison's comeback.

Back in season 3, at the hand of Oni's sword, Allison was killed off, to the dismay of many fans. However, in the theatrical continuation of the show, Allison has made a magical comeback.

Some attribute it to a supernatural hex, and some say she is simply possessed by Nogitsune. One theory, however, explores the topic of alternate realities and how the Allison we are presented with originates from one. That's what we're going to dive into today!

Allison's Comeback Will Ruin Scott and Malia for Teen Wolf Fans

Turning Back the Hands of Time

In the pilot, titled "Wolf Moon", Allison is introduced to Scott McCall on her first day of high school. From there on the rest is history. What this Reddit theory proposes is that in some alternate reality Allison never meets Scott, and subsequently, never develops feelings for him. The result is that at some point, Allison is made aware of her family's werewolf-hunting crusade and begins training of her own. Fast forward to the present day, and the theory posits that Allison we saw in the clip going after Derek Hale is alternate reality Allison, alive and well, a full-on hunter, like her aunt and mother.

Teen Wolf Fandom Claims Allison's Comeback Just Doesn't Make Sense

There isn't much to draw from the trailer at face value to support this theory—or any theory for that matter. To provide further validity to their claims, Teen Wolf fans have begun exploring the patterns of the show's writers over its six-season run. Some say that this theory does seem plausible to some as it falls right within the show's scope. The writers are known for producing more well-grounded stories with a hint of supernatural elements; and drawing solely from the possession narrative appears too gimmicky for some.

Only Time Will Tell

With the movie slated for a January 26 release date, it is certain that fans will be provided more material from the film to explore their hypotheses. In the meantime, the Teen Wolf community is unpacking these assumptions on the daily basis, and they are constantly expanding.

Compiling the evidence we do have to draw from, the multiverse theory is a logical approach when considering the above. Regardless, it is all up to the imagination when discussing these theories and the sky's the limit! So what do you think—do you fall under team multiverse, or do you, perhaps, have your own ideas to explore?