Cut Harry Potter Scene That Will Make You See Draco in a Whole New Light

Cut Harry Potter Scene That Will Make You See Draco in a Whole New Light
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Fans are sure that the creators should not have left the most important Draco scene on the cutting room floor.

Many Harry Potter fans consider Draco Malfoy to be an extremely underrated character, and this is especially evident in the movies.

While the books allow more time to explore the character, the movie format doesn't allow for subplots to take up much screen time. Yet Draco deserved better.

Fans love the character of Draco because he is so conflicted. Neither good nor bad, he feels more complex than the rest of the characters.

Tom Felton did a brilliant job of portraying Draco's inner struggles, which attracted many fans. But he wasn't given a chance to shine in the end, especially in the Battle of Hogwarts, and that left his arc incomplete.

Draco's biggest final scene in Deathly Hallows is when he decides which side to take. This little moment of hesitation is brilliant because it shows without any lines how conflicted Draco is about his choice.

It is completely understandable why he makes the decision to join his parents and Voldemort. And it is understandable why he flees with his family afterwards. But there is one scene that was cut from the Battle of Hogwarts that could have transformed Draco from a conflicted villain to a remorseful hero.

The scene, which was released years ago and can still be found on social media, follows the moment when Harry jumps out of Hagrid's arms and everyone realizes he is alive.

After that, there should have been a brief moment showing Draco making his final decision, running away from the Death Eaters, and throwing Harry's wand at him with a scream: "Potter!"

Although it is extremely brief, this scene feels very powerful. And many fans think that the writers should not have cut it from the final version, as this moment could redeem Draco as a character, show more character development, and complete his story arc.

It would also make the scene in the epilogue where the adult characters meet on Platform 9¾ more meaningful, as it would feel like a moment of understanding and respect between the two adversaries turned allies.

Also, since the audience already knew that Harry was alive at the time of the scene, Draco's unexpected act of heroism could serve as a surprising and welcome twist, completely changing the finale.