Dacre Montgomery: From Hawkins to Big Screen, Keeping Busy Post-Stranger Things

Dacre Montgomery: From Hawkins to Big Screen, Keeping Busy Post-Stranger Things
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Stranger Things quickly became Netflix's number 1 show for good reason.

The stories, the characters, and the drama seemed to hearken back to a time when all of us were kids. This nostalgia is at the heart of the appeal, but that's not all. The main characters, their wins, struggles, heartbreaks are the heart of the series.

Dacre Montgomery's character Billy Hargrove had, arguably, one of the better character arcs in the entire show. From being introduced in season 2 as Max's mysterious older brother, he quickly became one of the show's leading villains. This changed over the course of the series, and Billy became a more sympathetic character by the time season 3 rolled around, and finally redeemed himself with an act of self-sacrifice in the season finale.

But then, despite Stranger Things being a worldwide phenomenon and earning widespread acclaim, Montgomery left and moved on to other projects. 2020 slowed down production immensely due to the pandemic, but that doesn't mean that the Australian actor hasn't been keeping busy. Here's what he has been doing since he closed the chapter on Stranger Things (for the time being).

Shortly after Stranger Things, Dacre Montgomery was cast in the 2020 movie Broken Hearts Gallery as Nick Danielson. He chose the role because it was a significant departure from his previous project and gave him something new to work with. Comedy. While some actors are cursed with being typecast, it's good to see that Montgomery worked to break that curse.

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In the same year, he was cast as Steven Binder in Elvis. The director, Baz Luhrmann proclaimed on Twitter that working with Montgomery was one of the great joys of working on the film. By the time October 2020 rolled around he was cast in Spider & Jessie as well as Went Up the Hill, a horror flick. He has taken diverse roles and his is shaping up to be a stellar career.

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Although he left Stranger Things behind, Dacre still talks very fondly about the creators and his fellow actors on the show. Stranger Things has recently wrapped up its 4th season, and work is now underway on the final, 5th season, which will hopefully premiere on Netflix in 2024. There are too many plot threads to leave behind just yet, so who knows, maybe we'll see Billy Hargrove again alongside our favorite characters.