Daisy Ridley Could Be the Next Catwoman, and This Fan Art Proves It

Daisy Ridley Could Be the Next Catwoman, and This Fan Art Proves It
Image credit: globallookpress

Catwoman is one of Batman's most popular supporting characters, but her history of appearances on the big screen had been rather short of stellar so far.

Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns (1992) was great, Anne Hathaway in The Dark Knight Rises (2012) and Zoë Kravitz in The Batman (2022) were among the less memorable parts of those movies, and the less is said about Catwoman's own movie, with Halle Berry in the main role, the better.

With old DCEU coming to a close and a new cinematic universe currently in the process of being built, there is a considerable change of the guard.

A wave of new actors to star as new versions of iconic comic book characters is to be expected. Batman and the characters surrounding him are among those affected by the great reboot, of course.

A new Batman movie, titled Batman: The Brave and The Bold has been announced, alongside with four other movies that James Gunn and Peter Saffran have planned.

It is still years in the future, and very little is known about it so far.

However, we do know that it will involve several members of the "Bat-family", Batman's usual group of allies and sidekicks – Catwoman is usually on the border between them and Batman's rogue gallery – and that no actors have been definitely cast yet.

This, of course, can only fuel the speculation by fans. Would Catwoman be among the first wave of heroes reintroduced in the newly rebranded DCU?

And if is possible for Catwoman to appear in The Brave and The Bold, who might possibly play her? This piece of digital fanart by Josh "" suggests a candidate: Daisy Ridley.

Her suit seems to be inspired by Zoë Kravitz' costume in The Batman, and we must say, that on this image she looks decent in it.

So, Daisy Ridley could be the next Catwoman. As to whether the studio might conceivably have thoughts about her candidacy, we have no clue.

For now all the DC fans can only stay tuned and wait for more news about the upcoming projects.