Daniel Craig’s Last Minute Ending Suggestion for Knives Out Made It Perfect 

Daniel Craig’s Last Minute Ending Suggestion for Knives Out Made It Perfect 
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Thanks to the actor the film got its classic and smooth detective-themed end scene.


  • Since its release in 2019 Knives Out has cemented its position on the list of top detective films nowadays, but few people know that its ending wouldn’t have been this epic if it hadn’t been for the leading actor.
  • Daniel Craig once revealed that he had requested a change in the script concerning the final scene — according to his idea, it would look better as a plain and long monologue without intervening flashbacks.
  • This way Knives Out has managed to join a long list of iconic detective movies that followed the classic way of the detective’s condemnation of the real criminal.

The first movies of the Knives Out’s trilogy was released in 2019 and received a huge success in the box office, as well as many accolades from both viewers and critics, but it wouldn’t be that effective without a little detail changed in the script last minute before the shooting — and all thanks to the leading role’s actor Daniel Craig.

In one of his interviews at the time of the film promotion Craig revealed that he’d asked the creators for one change in the script that would concern the ending scene. Generally Craig’s character, eccentric detective Benoit Blanc, was supposed to give a long-winded speech about how he managed to pick up the murderer’s trail.

The creators had previously come up with yet another idea for the final scene having decided to add some flashbacks that could potentially demonstrate Blanc’s investigation and thus confirm his conclusions. Instead of this, Daniel Craig suggested he just performed his whole monologue without any flashbacks and in just one cut.

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The final scene that Knives Out eventually ended up with turned out to be perfect for a movie of the detective genre.

As many of such films' fans can recall, the most of the detective’s speech’s effect is reached when the latter gathers all the suspects at one table and starts consistently recounting the whole process of his investigation — and then the monologue is ended by allegations towards the real criminal.

Thus, thanks to the last-minute change in the script Knives Out paid homage to the detective’s classic and effective way of denouncing the murderer, while also making the scene a culmination of the whole film’s humor line.