Daniel Radcliffe's Hilarious Habit of Destroying Harry Potter Magic for Kids

Daniel Radcliffe's Hilarious Habit of Destroying Harry Potter Magic for Kids
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Thought Expelliarmus was Harry's favorite spell? No, his most destructive magic is being himself in front of kids.


  • Harry Potter continues to be beloved by children around the world.
  • But many of the franchise's young fans are unaware that the actor who played their favorite character looks very different from the one on screen.
  • Daniel Radcliffe has admitted that he ruins magic for children 'on a regular basis.'

No matter how problematic the author, no matter how much controversy surrounds the Potterverse, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter will never cease to delight with its magical atmosphere. This is true not only for the millennials who grew up with the books and movies, but also for younger generations, as today's children enjoy reading Rowling's books and watching the movies starring Daniel Radcliffe in the iconic title role of the young wizard no less.

But alas, the wondrous wizardry often crashes on the rocks of harsh reality: we all learn one day that Santa Claus is an ordinary neighbor who works part-time in a department store, that rainbows cannot be touched, and that Harry Potter has actually long since retired, taken off his glasses, and ekes out a living in the Muggle world, making periodic appearances on Broadway and the West End.

Yes, Radcliffe is no longer the little wizard we remember from the movies. Only the actor himself likes to remind his young fans of this, effectively confronting them with the truth.

Even a Wizard Can Ruin Magic for Kids

Whether Potter has retired or not, his sense of humor is still absolutely magical. The first installment of the famous movie franchise was released an incredible 22 years ago, and now the 34-year-old actor, who recently became a father, does not look like the 11-year-old shy boy with huge glasses that we all loved.

We adults are well aware that time does not stand still, that we are all getting older and that we just have to accept it. But the child is not only unwilling to accept such concepts, but is shocked when it turns out that something similar happens to the real people behind their favorite characters.

For example, during a conversation on The Kelly Clarkson Show, the host herself recalled a hilarious but rather sad moment when she ruined magic for her kids. While trying to explain that she was voicing a role in the animated movie UglyDolls, she gave the kids a Frozen analogy, mentioning that there was a real person voicing Elsa. Daniel Radcliffe also jokingly recalled a similar moment in his life, revealing the awful truth that he had retrained from being a wizard to being a professional mythbuster.

'I do that to kids on a regular basis,' he joked, noting that young Harry Potter fans are immediately shocked every time they see an older 34-year-old man instead of the more familiar boy or teenager.

'They're like, "You're old now! What happened?"' Radcliffe laughed.

Except Radcliffe Is No Longer a Wizard!

It's not surprising that kids don't recognize the current Radcliffe as Harry Potter at all, and it's not just a matter of time (remember, the last installment, Deathly Hallows — Part 2, came out in 2011) and the corresponding changes in his appearance. The actor has long since shed his Harry Potter persona and is using his talent in more sophisticated, albeit niche, projects. In an attempt to avoid being forever known as the shy, bespectacled wizard, he has ventured into West End and Broadway productions, as well as indie film and television projects.

It is not surprising that few young Harry Potter fans are aware of Radcliffe's repertoire on screen and stage, as most of his current projects are not aimed at children, teenagers or even family audiences.

Well, we are happy to see that the British actor continues to develop his creative talents and takes on more in-depth and ambitious projects. As for kids, they will always be able to see their never-aging idol at Universal Theme Parks.

Source: The Kelly Clarkson Show.