Dark Lord Is Dumb: 6 Fool-Proof Ways Voldemort Could Easily Win

Dark Lord Is Dumb: 6 Fool-Proof Ways Voldemort Could Easily Win
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Lord Voldemort is known to be a dreadful wizard whose name invoked fear in everyone in Magical Britain for decades.

Incredibly advanced in Dark Arts, murderous and psychotic, he was a ruthless terrorist and a force to be reckoned with.

Add the fact that he walked the path to immortality further than anyone before him, and you get an even grimmer picture.

However, even with all his skills, ambitions, and invincibility methods, he still managed to lose against all odds — more than once.

Would it be controversial to call the Dark Lord dumb for that? It likely would. But we'll still do it and support our claim by presenting you six simple ways he could've won.

Not allowing Lily to make a sacrifice

On the night of the Potters' murder, if Voldemort didn't decide to play with his prey and killed or immobilized Lily straight away, Harry wouldn't have gotten that protection… You know what that means.

Not using magic on Harry

Then again, Lily's magic protection wouldn't have worked against anything but magic. And come on, Tom. Was it really that necessary to use the strongest curse on a toddler?..

Taking it more seriously

In The Chamber of Secrets, instead of leaving funny notes and revealing his past, Riddle could've just shut up and drained Ginny's life in secret — and he would've been back in no time.

Cutting off escape routes

In the graveyard in The Goblet of Fire, Voldemort could've destroyed the portkey or ordered it done — and Harry would've had no easy way back. He didn't know how to apparate, so it would've been game over.

Being more creative

First, what's the point of bragging about your Dark Arts knowledge when all you do is spam the Unforgivable curses?

Second, after Avada Kedavra didn't work on Harry the first couple of times, it would've made perfect sense to try something else, right?

Working through his insecurities

The Dark Lord made a ton of mistakes just because of his ego and insecurity issues: he wanted to prove to everyone that he was in every way stronger, better, and so much more handsome than a… Teenager?

Honestly, Tom Riddle should've gotten himself a shrink ghost immediately after being reduced to a shadow.

Maybe then he wouldn't have wasted so many opportunities to kill Harry just by wasting time whining about how cool he was and how Harry was a no-one.