Dave Bautista Bane Casting Will Happen, If James Gunn Has Any Say in It

Dave Bautista Bane Casting Will Happen, If James Gunn Has Any Say in It
Image credit: Legion-Media

Dave Bautista as Bane? No way, you say? Well, buckle up because apparently it's a very real possibility.

Bautista himself announced his interest in Bane to the world about a year and a half ago. In 2021, Bautista marched into DC's offices and declared, "I want to play Bane. I don't care if you're not casting him, I'm playing him." Bold move, Bautista. Bold move.

But wait, there's more. Enter the wild card in all of this: James Gunn. You may remember Gunn as the guy who was fired by Disney and then immediately hired by DC. Who supported Gunn publicly and quite vocally amidst all the 'cancel James Gunn' drama? Dave Bautista.

And it just so happens that Gunn has a history of working with the same group of actors over and over again. Coincidentally, Bautista falls into that category. And he's available, too, after wrapping up on Guardians of the Galaxy 3 set and announcing that it's officially his last Marvel movie. So, could it be that Bautista's ridiculous demands from 2021 are finally coming to fruition thanks to Gunn's loyalty? It's not outside the realm of possibility.

Of course, we have to take this casting rumor with a grain of salt for now. The whole DC Universe is apparently getting a reboot, so who knows what's even happening with that. But hey, stranger things have happened, in DCEU at least.

As the news of Dave Bautista potentially playing Bane spreads like wildfire across the internet, DCU fans are reacting with a mix of excitement and skepticism.

On one hand, there are those who are thrilled at the possibility of Bautista taking on the iconic villain. They point to his impressive physique and his proven acting skills as evidence that he would make a great Bane.

"Bautista would bring a level of intensity and physicality to the role that we've never seen before," says one fan. "I can't wait to see him go toe-to-toe with Batman. "

On the other hand, there are those who are less than thrilled at the prospect of Bautista as Bane. They argue that he doesn't fit the traditional portrayal of the character and that his casting would be a departure from the source material.

"Bautista is too muscular and handsome to play Bane," says another fan. "Bane is supposed to be a hulking brute with a grotesque appearance. Bautista just doesn't fit the bill."

James Gunn promised to share some updates on DC slate in January, so, hopefully, we'll get something other than just rumors and drama soon enough.