DC Fans Suggest A Perfect Role For Jensen Ackles

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After Ackles played a deranged superhero in Amazon Prime's 'The Boys', people think that actor is ready to be a real superhero for the DCEU.

The 'Supernatural' star has long been considered one of the most recognizable faces of modern television, and Ackles seems to be fine with that, and he's not trying to make his way into feature film territory just yet. But perhaps his role as the Soldier Boy in the critics' and viewers' favorite Amazon Prime series could push him to audition for bigger roles, and Reddit is definitely ready to offer the actor some juicy comic book characters to consider.

Some argue that Ackles would be perfect for the role of one particular flying superhero who desperately needs a much-needed DCEU update after the failed Ryan Reynolds movie. Yes, we are referring to Hal Jordan himself, or as he is more commonly known, the Green Lantern.

"Hal Jordan. Jensens great at making non apologetically macho characters likable and grounded, is funny without being goofy or witty, and projects confidence and old school cool energy so I think he'd be pretty perfect for the rough around the edges thrill seeking flyboy with indomitable will." – /KorugaranRattlesnake.

However, others aren't thrilled with the idea, arguing that the original comics always portrayed Hal Jordan as a windup barrel of laughs, and Ackles certainly doesn't fit that description.

Of course, other alternatives are still being offered, and a lot of people wish that Ackles would play Batman, but it's pretty hard to think of a project where that could actually happen. Although he has voiced the superhero in several animated films, there is simply too much Batmen in live-action these days, and major Hollywood stars would not give way to a TV actor to steal their roles.

"Batman. He's already voiced the character very well, and has the right look for Bruce, AND we've seen his ability to perform in stunt-fights. He'd be perfect IMO." – /daintysinferno.

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