DCU Fans Rally for Jensen Ackles to Take on the Batman Role

DCU Fans Rally for Jensen Ackles to Take on the Batman Role
Image credit: Legion-Media

Ackles seems to be a perfect choice for Batman.

Recently, the DC Universe has faced a number of setbacks, including Henry Cavill 's departure from the Superman franchise, the cancellation of Wonder Woman 3, and issues surrounding the fate of the Justice League.

Despite these obstacles, DC fans remain as enthusiastic as ever, if social media is any indication.

The most recent DC-related content to go viral is the online fan-casting poll for the future Justice League installment hosted by a popular Twitter account, Home of DCU.

Viewers from all corners of the Internet are actively discussing the poll that shows who fans would like to see as DC's iconic superheroes. And the majority of commenters can't help but agree with the fans' choices. Among suggestions such as Alden Ehrenreich for Hal Jordan, Adriana Arjona for Wonder Woman, Wolfgang Novogratz for Superman, Alexander Ludwig for Aquaman, and Lucas Till for Flash, the choice for the Dark Knight stands out.

When asked who would portray Bruce Wayne better, most fans named Supernatural alum Jensen Ackles. And their choice was not random. In addition to dipping his toes into the superhero genre as the amazing Soldier Boy from The Boys, the actor has expressed an interest in donning the Batsuit on screen.

"I have gotten to do the voice. Why not get to play the Bat?" Ackles said during a Q&A panel at Supernatural NJCon last year.

Yes, Ackles has already played Batman, of sorts, when he voiced Bruce Wayne in the animated films Batman: The Long Halloween, Parts One and Two, but both the actor and his fans want more. Back in 2019, when Jensen wowed his Instagram followers with an incredible Halloween photo set in a Batman costume, it seemed like there wasn't a single person left who didn't see Ackles as Batman material.

But much to the dismay of the fans, it was Robert Pattinson who landed the iconic role in Matt Reeves' The Batman.

Now, in the wake of the viral poll, fans have taken to social media to demand justice, and the 3-year-old Instagram post has been given new life with thousands of commenters tagging James Gunn over and over again.

While the fan-casting poll does not guarantee the final casting decisions for the next Justice League movie, it does give the studio and producers a powerful insight into the preferences and expectations of their fans. So the big DC bosses better consider Jensen Ackles for the role of Batman.