Deleted Scenes From Cinematic Classics We’re Glad Are Lost in the Editing Room

Deleted Scenes From Cinematic Classics We’re Glad Are Lost in the Editing Room
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Hey, Sonny, how 'bout a little soap in our eyes?

It is every cinemaniac's dream to sneak behind the scenes of their favorite movie and see the process of creating the masterpiece. However, once you get the chance, it can end up with a lasting trauma.

Here are the strangest deleted scenes from your favorite movies that were destined to end up on the cutting room floor.

J. Jonah Trying On The Spider-Man Costume — Spider-Man 2

In the extended cut of Sam Raimi 's Spider-Man 2, there's a surprising scene in which J. Jonah Jameson, played by J.K. Simmons, puts on the Spider-Man costume in his office with a cigar in his mouth.

This odd moment stems from Peter Parker's decision to retire as Spider-Man and throw away his suit, and leaves the door open for a Spider-Jonah to appear in future adventures in the multiverse.

Rey Takes The Sith Throne — Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker

Prior to the release of J.J. Abrams's Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, there were rumors that Daisy Ridley's character, Rey, would turn to the dark side. Behind-the-scenes footage proved the rumor to be true by showing additional scenes of a Dark Rey, sparking speculation about the existence of an alternate ending in which she becomes a Sith Lord.

It is also possible, however, that these scenes were filmed to complement Rey's vision sequence in the movie.

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Doc’s Not-So-Valuable Lesson — Back to the Future

Like many 80's comedies, this beloved classic contains elements that haven't aged well, particularly when it comes to how gender and sexuality are portrayed.

The movie includes a cringe-worthy deleted scene in which Doc Brown implies that it's not so bad to take liberties with a woman, and Marty worries that their actions might turn him gay. Fortunately, the trilogy's legacy was saved the moment this scene was forever removed.

Borat Takes Part In Adult Movie — Borat

It turns out that Sacha Baron Cohen's eccentric Borat Sagdiyev was supposed to take part in a raunchy scene in which he takes part in a pornographic movie, but the scene that had already been filmed was eventually cut.

Viewers should see the moment when Borat kept delaying the shoot by allowing the adult film actors to continue without him, constantly insisting on certain bizarre conditions for the scene.

Pennywise Eats A Baby — IT

This deleted scene from the first part of the film adaptation of Stephen King 's iconic novel explored Pennywise's backstory and included a disturbing moment in which an earlier form of Pennywise devoured a baby girl in front of her mother.

Bill Skarsgard, who played Pennywise, described it as an incredibly disturbing acting experience, and while the scene was filmed, it was ultimately cut from the film, likely because it was deemed too intense for the audience.

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Ice Joke — Titanic

While Cameron generally handles the fact that audiences know the film's tragic ending, there is one deleted scene in his disaster film that takes dramatic irony to extremes.

In this scene, Kathy Bates' character, Molly Brown, makes a humorous remark about going to get some ice cream from the ship's bar just as the famous iceberg is passing by outside the window.

Cameron ultimately decided that this joke was inappropriate for such a pivotal moment in the movie and drowned it in the ocean.