Did Emmy Rossum And Jeremy Allen White Friendship Survive Shameless Ending?

Did Emmy Rossum And Jeremy Allen White Friendship Survive Shameless Ending?
Image credit: Showtime

The series Shameless first aired in 2011 and followed the rather dysfunctional Gallagher family, which consisted of alcoholic father Frank and his children navigating challenges as a working-class family in Chicago's South Side.

The show was popular among fans for its raw and real portrayals of poverty, addiction, and family, as well as highlighting other controversial themes whilst maintaining its signature sense of dark humor that fans came to know and love.

One of the strongest sibling bonds on the show was that between Lip and Fiona. Fiona, played by Emmy Rossum, was the oldest sister and took on a parental role from the start due to the family's absence of responsible parents. By her side, through it all was the second oldest sibling, Lip, played by Jeremy Allen White. The pair were fearlessly protective of each other and for most of the show Lip was the only person Fiona knew she could really count on, creating a strong bond between them.

So, when Shameless came to an end, fans wondered what would become of the real-life relationship between the two actors who played brother and sister with such a tight bond.

Well, to put it simply, Emmy still refers to Jeremy as "one of [her] closest friends."

In an appreciation post from back in 2018, Emmy spoke about being a part of the fictional Gallagher family and stated that "even off-set, it feels real." She went on to speak about Jeremy "dancing at [her] wedding in New York." Growing up together on the set of Shameless created a lasting bond between the actors, with Emmy and Jeremy still sharing a strong sibling-like relationship.

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Since Shameless concluded in 2021, the pair have both publicly celebrated milestones in each other's lives. In 2021 Emmy welcomed her first child and Jeremy, who already had two children of his own, congratulated her on her Instagram post. Instagram has seen many wholesome interactions between the two over the years, with Lip dedicating a post to celebrate Emmy's birthday, as well as encouraging fans to "say nice things" in another post when an episode of Shameless that Emmy directed was set to air.

On her part, Emmy has been one of the loudest voices of praise after Jeremy's breakthrough performance in the Hulu series: The Bear. She could not say enough good things about her friend and told an interviewer that "[she] knew that Jeremy would shine because Jeremy can't help it," and binged the entire series in a couple of days.

It is undeniable that the sibling love between Shameless' Lip and Fiona still lives on through the tight-knit bond that the two cast mates share in real life today, and no matter where they go next in their personal and professional journeys, they will always have each other's backs.