Did 'Shazam 2' Director Just Revealed The First Trailer Release Date?

Did 'Shazam 2' Director Just Revealed The First Trailer Release Date?
Image credit: Legion-Media

David F. Sandberg seemingly hinted at a potential release date for the long-awaited first trailer, and it's much earlier than you'd expect.

'Shazam' was a much-needed breath of fresh air for the DCEU thanks to its family-friendly atmosphere, great jokes and an incredible performance by Zachary Levy in the leading role. So Warner Bros. decided to produce a sequel as soon as possible, and with the impending release of 'Black Adam ', led by Dwayne Johnson, fans expect a crossover between the two characters sooner rather than later.

But 'Black Adam' has already unveiled its trailer, and the fan reaction to it has been a bit mixed. So, when will DCEU fans be able to enjoy the 'Shazam 2 ' trailer? According to Sandberg – in July. The director recently liked a fan post proclaiming July as the most appropriate time for the trailer to be released, and now Reddit users are convinced that it's some sort of proof.

Fans immediately started guessing an occasion for trailer to be introduced, and named several major films as the most likely options.

"Maybe attached with Super Pets in late July? Both are The Rock productions so it makes sense and it also leads to 5 months to build hype for the film," – /RebelDeux.

Some even mention major fandom events as the perfect place to introduce the next chapter of a beloved story – such as San Diego Comic Con.

'Shazam! Fury of the Gods' is set to be released on December 16, 2022.