Did 'Stranger Things' Actually Reference X-Men in New Trailer?

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It's been less than 24 hours since the release of the new 'Stranger Things' trailer, but the wave of theories has already hit social media, and guess what else the trailer could be referencing.

First of all: look out for a bunch of spoilers ahead.

There is yet another interesting suggestion of a possible reference in the new 'Stranger Things' trailer, offered by a Spanish-language X-Men fan account on Twitter.

In one of the scenes in the trailer, Max is seen levitating. What if it is a reference to Jean Gray a.k.a. Phoenix, one of the characters in 'X-Men'? After all, the first episode of the Netflix beloved horror show is titled 'The Hellfire Club' – just like the group that frequently confronts X-Men in the eponymous comics.

However, it does not necessarily mean that the Duffer brothers are referencing that particular Hellfire Club.

Fans had their doubts about why Max – who was not known for having any kind of superpowers in season 3 – is even seen up in the air. Many already fear for her life, but others are also concerned that she might end up being a villain.

'Stranger Things' Trailer Just Spoiled A Heartbreaking Season 4 Death?

First part of season 4 arrives on Netflix on May 27, with the second half to follow in July, but until that time, it seems that fans are going to delve into the endless theories and suggestions.

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