Did Tom Cruise Really Swap Twenty One Pilots for Lady Gaga in 'Top Gun: Maverick' Soundtrack?

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So you're telling us we could have had the new 'Heathens', but got the new 'Shallow' instead?..

'Top Gun: Maverick' now has Lady Gaga's 'Hold My Hand' as a soundtrack, but things could have been totally different if it wasn't for Tom Cruise's change of heart, according to Tyler Joseph, the frontman of Twenty One Pilots band.

"I was working with the music placement person for the new 'Top Gun' on writing a new song for them, and then I believe Tom Cruise came in and just fired everyone," Joseph revealed when speaking with KROQ. "You've seen that new 'Top Gun' thing that he's got? The trailer has been out for, like, three years, so there's been a few overhauls, and I was a part of that, so, they moved on."

Tyler did not elaborate on what was behind Cruise's decision. After booting Twenty One Pilots from the project, 'Top Gun: Maverick' signed up Lady Gaga, who came up with the song 'Hold My Hand', touted as "a love letter to the world during and after a very hard time".

Given how appropriate Joseph's band's name was for the movie about actual pilots, fans couldn't help but joke about it.

Lady Gaga's 'Hold My Hand' has already been predicted to get the singer yet another Oscar nomination. Previously Lady Gaga won an Academy Award for 'Shallow' – the song written for the movie 'A Star is Born'. So maybe that was a clever move by Tom Cruise.

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