Did You Spot That Xena Easter Egg In 'Multiverse Of Madness'?

Did You Spot That Xena Easter Egg In 'Multiverse Of Madness'?
Image credit: Legion-Media

Sam Raimi didn't fail in the secrets department of his latest MCU movie, leaving some curious references to this iconic '90s show.

'Doctor Strange 2' premiered last week, and MCU fans spent the next couple of days relentlessly searching for unseen Easter eggs and secrets. And they certainly succeeded: a pair of statues at Illuminati headquarters caught the attention of many. These statues depicted ancient-looking figures of a man and a woman who had nothing to do with anything Marvel ever did on screen or on the comic pages. The statue of an Amazon-like woman was particularly interesting to fans, and Sam Raimi 's audio commentary finally revealed the woman's identity: it's Xena the Warrior Princess.

Yes, the iconic Xena, played by Lucy Lawless, did make an appearance in an MCU movie! Years ago Sam Raimi produced the series for 6 seasons, and he certainly looks back fondly on his time working on the fantasy saga, sneaking this important reference into a huge Disney blockbuster. However, this does not mean that Xena is now an MCU canon and a member of the Multiverse's Illuminati – Raimi confirmed that this is just a fun Easter egg with no narrative subtext.

However, another statue located in the headquarters caused a heated discussion on Reddit, because the man dressed in a loincloth with a massive sword reminded many fans of the legendary Asgardian Baldur, rumored to be played by Raimi's friend Bruce Campbell, who ended up playing a completely different character – Pizza Poppa.

"Wasn't there a rumor that they almost added Baldur to the Illuminati? Sword boy could be him." – /ATCrow0029.