Disturbing 'The Boys' Theory Suggests This Character Could Be Homelander's Mother

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We gotta warn you that you might not want to know more.

Last Friday, 'The Boys' managed to blow everyone's minds with a jaw-dropping plot twist that revealed that Soldier Boy is Homelander's biological father. As much of a game-changer that is, there is more to Homelander's family tree that might shock people to an even greater extent.

We might know Homelander's father now, but do we know who his mother is? Because fans on Reddit suspect that it might be… Stormfront.

Oh yes, the Nazi supervillain that Homelander famously had sex with. That very one.

It's really disturbing how many signs point to the actual possibility of that. Homelander is notoriously suffering from mommy issues – something that fans don't want to think about for too long when they remember how obsessed he is with breast milk.

With Soldier Boy's semen being used to create Homelander, Stormfront, who was quite keen on developing what she believed would be a "perfect race", might have been just fine with volunteering her own eggs.

Some fans even believe that Homelander foreshadowed that when speaking to kidnapped Queen Maeve when he told her he'd keep "the best parts of her" should she die. While not at all threatening, this could actually be a hint at how he himself was created.

And if you thought that hints end here, you are very wrong. Think about it: Homelander is famously able to fly, even though Soldier Boy has never displayed such a superpower.

But we can all think of a certain someone who did, can't we?

The way it adds up is sending chills down fans' spines, making it even more difficult until Friday's premiere of the eighth and final episode. However, some 'The Boys' fans argue that it would be actually way too convenient, and therefore boring, while the show's creators tend to avoid predictability.

"Which is why they may not do it. My impression from the season so far is that they try to evade the obvious. HL being the son of Stormfront .. just .. fits TOO perfectly in my opinion. Especially since HL in the template comics isn't even related to soldier boy at all. Overthrowing certain parts of the comics is unavoidable and regularly happens. But changing the backstory of 3 major characters that heavily seems a bit overkill and too obvious." – /King_Tamino.

Streaming exclusively on Prime Video, the finale is set to unveil the mysteries and potentially feature some epic face-offs… as well as a family drama, of course.

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