Doctor Who Season 14 Gets a Dose of Nostalgia With Tribute to Its Past Time-Lords

Doctor Who Season 14 Gets a Dose of Nostalgia With Tribute to Its Past Time-Lords
Image credit: BBC

The official costume of the 15th Doctor had fans divided but in fact, each element of Ncuti Gatwa's outfit pays tribute to Doctor Who history.

There's no insignificant detail in Doctor Who. However surprising this may sound, the Doctor's outfit plays an important role in the character's development.

Despite being the same person as his predecessors, each new Doctor has a different personality reflected in their costume. This and the fact that viewers will be watching these clothes for the next several years makes a Doctor Who costume reveal a really big deal.

Earlier this month, the outfit of the 15th Doctor has been revealed on the official Doctor Who social media accounts along with the costume of his new companion Ruby Sunday played by Millie Gibson.

Fans' opinions about Ncuti Gatwa 's costume were divided. While those familiar with Gatwa's personal style expected something more eccentric, others liked the classic look and a definitive color.

The costume might feel oversimplified with a lightweight plaid checkered coat, similar pants, and a simple orange top, but it has some interesting details that might sell skeptic fans on the costume. Besides, it was clearly inspired by the previous outfits of the franchise so it looks as Doctory as it can get.

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The details that add flair to the costume are the double necklace, many rings, and nail tattoos inspired by Gallifreyan art. Millie Gibson and Ncuti Gatwa made a hilarious video showing off those accessories , and fans couldn't help but agree they were gorgeous.

Nail tattoos are something not a single Doctor had before. Besides, fans noted one other feature new for the Doctor. Gatwa will be the first numbered Doctor with a mustache, and commenters love it.

Despite some new details, the costume designers added a big dose of nostalgia to the 15th Doctor's outfit. His flowing coat is very much in character for the Time Lord. Not a single Doctor could resist a cool coat or jacket. The plaid pants are a nod to Patrick Troughton's Doctor. The color orange makes fans think of Peter Davison's Doctor. Rings are also not something totally new. Both Jon Pertwee's and Peter Capaldi 's Doctors wore them. Classic shoes reflect the style of Paul McGann's and Matt Smith 's Doctors.

All in all, the 15th Doctor's costume makes one think that Ncuti Gatwa will pull off a retro vibe while playing a new reincarnation of the beloved character.