Does Someone Die in 'Lightyear'?

Does Someone Die in 'Lightyear'?
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Is Pixar's latest animated film really safe for children? Here's what we know.

The animated film, which tells the story of the real Buzz Lightyear and his adventures in time and space, stars Chris Evans in the lead role, joined by Keke Palmer, James Brolin and Taika Waititi. In the film, Lightyear will face off against the powerful villain Zurg, and it looks like their battle will not be an easy one. As the latest Pixar film moves away from the original 'Toy Story' toward a more realistic and even adult approach to the famous character, people are beginning to wonder if 'Lightyear' is really safe for children.

Warning: major 'Lightyear' plot spoilers ahead!

The most important thing to know is that there will be one character death in 'Lightyear', but it will not be violent. At the beginning of the movie, Buzz unwittingly leaves his crew on an uninhabited planet and, tormented by guilt, tries to reach them through hyperspace, losing four years of real time with each of many unsuccessful attempts.

Alisha Hawthorne (Uzo Aduba ), Buzz's close friend and commanding officer, has managed to find a wife, have a family, and even had a granddaughter, while the still young Buzz continued his quest to save the crew. In the end, Alisha would die a peaceful death of old age, but Buzz's realization of how many years he had wasted instead of being with his friend took its toll on him. Despite the lack of graphic content, this death may disturb some sensitive children.

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Is 'Lightyear' Safe For Kids?

Apart from that, parents shouldn't have to worry about anything else shown in the movie. Although violence is present in the film, it almost always involves non-human antagonists such as aliens, and a few scratches on the characters' faces will not be a problem even for the youngest children. In addition, the movie features a same-sex kiss between Alisha and her wife, which is almost certainly not a real issue, but should be highlighted nevertheless.

'Lightyear' is set to release this Friday, June 17.