Drax the Forgotten: Marvel Faces Backlash for Neglecting Beloved Character

Drax the Forgotten: Marvel Faces Backlash for Neglecting Beloved Character
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Upset by the Drax's potential death in Guardians of the Galaxy 3, the MCU fans took to Twitter to express their displeasure with the character's nonexistent role in the demise of Thanos.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 has just become more real with the official trailer being dropped on YouTube. The tone of the trailer suggests that James Gunn is committed to making fans emotional while watching the final installment of the franchise. There's a fitting vibe of finality to the trailer and the fans already expect major deaths to conclude the intergalactic trilogy.

One of the front-runners for a heroic death is Drax the Destroyer portrayed by Dave Bautista. Since Bautista first said that he wouldn't be playing Drax beyond Vol. 3, the rumors about Drax's death in the final movie of the franchise emerged. Now, already inconsolable fans question Marvel's decision to ignore the character in the latest Avengers movies.

Since Dave Bautista first played Drax in 2014's Guardians of the Galaxy, the character quickly became a fan favorite. Viewers just love the strong and hilarious character and his fun-to-watch relationships with the Guardians. The franchise (especially the latest Holiday Special) fully satisfies fans' love by giving Drax plenty of screen time. However, other Marvel movies, namely Avengers: Infinity War, didn't show the character the courtesy he deserved, fans think.

The MCU fans took to Twitter to lash out at Marvel for neglecting Drax and his backstory with the Big Bad of the Infinity Saga, Thanos.

"How bizarre is it that they never even spoke to each other in Infinity War or Endgame?" a tweet sparked a rather heated discussion.

Fans remembered that Drax had a very good reason to seek revenge against Thanos – Thanos ordered Ronan to kill Drax's family, thus becoming his sworn enemy.

"He should've been the one saying the "You took everything from me" line, not Scarlet Witch," a fan wrote.

Armed with his personal vendetta, Drax should have been given a bigger role in the demise of Thanos, fans agree.

"I think he should have survived the snap and had a bigger role in Endgame instead of Rocket. Drax and Nebula have the biggest connection to Thanos outside of Gamora, so I think they should have been the Guardians to survive the snap. Losing two of families to Thanos," one of the commenters explained.