'Dungeons & Dragons' Debut Trailer Left Fans Pleasantly Surprised

'Dungeons & Dragons' Debut Trailer Left Fans Pleasantly Surprised
Image credit: Paramount

Turning a board game into a movie might be challenging, but it seems that 'Honor Among Thieves' actually did a good job.

The first trailer for 'Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves' was released at the movie's panel at San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday, later making it to digital platforms. And even though the first promo that introduced the cast drew mixed reactions in the Comic-Con hallways, the trailer seems to be welcomed even by OG D&D fans.

D&D Energy

The trailer seems to have grasped the vibe of 'Dungeons & Dragons' actual campaigns and managed to deliver the spirit of the board game to the screen. With many adaptations today being done by people who are not really into their source material, 'Honor Among Thieves' looks like the crew actually did a few campaigns themselves, fans noted.

Appropriate humor

Unlike 'The Lord of the Rings ' of 'House of the Dragon ', 'Dungeons & Dragons' is settling for a more light-hearted tone, but not the Taika Waititi levels if you know what we mean. According to fans, the creators found a perfect balance between a serious story and comedy, yet again contributing to the vibe that D&D campaigns are supposed to deliver.

As one of the fans put it, the movie seems to be channeling the energy of 'Guardians of the Galaxy', in a good way.

Attention to Details

Aside from the vibe and the tone, the trailer is stuffed with things that D&D players are surely familiar with from the board game.

Among the recognizable D&D elements are black dragons spewing acid instead of flames, magic shield spells, lightning bolts, and – naturally – an actual owlbear that is also well done in terms of CGI, according to fans.

Overall, even people who still remember their not very pleasant experience with previous screen adaptations of 'Dungeons & Dragons', seem to be tentatively hopeful for the 2023 movie.

'Honor Among Thieves' hits screens in March 2023.