Each 'Stranger Things' Season Had Signs of Vecna Presence – You Just Didn't Notice

Each 'Stranger Things' Season Had Signs of Vecna Presence – You Just Didn't Notice
Image credit: Legion-Media

Vecna is the main villain of season 4, but does it mean he wasn't around pretty much all the time?

As they wait for 'Stranger Things 4' Volume 2 to drop, fans are scrutinizing the previous seasons in search for clues. And they found plenty!

It seems that Vecna was actually haunting Hawkins throughout every season, not just the fourth. If fans' observations are true, then Will Byers was actually one of the first victims of Vecna, with the Demogorgon and the Mind Flayer being Number One's minions.

Think about it. In season 1, when Will falls from his bike, we can hear nothing short of the sound of the old clock – a signature sound that means Vecna is after someone in season 4. Moreover, when the supernatural power haunts Will, we can see the door's lock being opened with telekinesis – something that the Demogorgon was never capable of.

In season 2, when Hopper wanders in the tunnels, we can hear the cursed clock noise again – this time even louder.

Next season, when Billie is being taken hostage by the Mind Flayer, the signature sound is heard again. Now, when season 4 explained the backstory behind the intimidating clock noise, it seems that all these times were more than just appropriate sound effects for tense scenes.

The theory that Will might know a lot more about Vecna than we previously thought is being given a lot of thought in the fandom now, in the wake of the familiarity he displays in the new Volume 2 trailer when talking about the villain.

'Stranger Things' season 4 finale premieres on Netflix on July 1.