Eddie Munson's Style Evolution Will Give You Flashbacks

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Ever wondered how your favorite characters are created?

Eddie Munson has easily slid into our hearts from the very first moments of 'Stranger Things 4'. We get to know him as a nerd and an outcast in the first episode, 'The Hellfire Club', and then recognize him as a hero and a loyal friend later in the season.

His look is easily distinguished from other 'Stranger Things' characters. A big fan of metal music, Eddie plays guitar and looks exactly the way you would expect such a guy to look: a denim jacket, loose long hair, several tattoos, and a handful of quirky rings.

'Stranger Things' costume designer Amy Parris broke down the evolution of Eddie's entire image and how she and her team came up with things that define the Hellfire Club leader. She shared several photos of what appears to be several draft versions of how Eddie could have looked.

Among them, there have been outfits that consisted of black leather fits and even a red plaid shirt – something that some fans would have loved, according to the comment section.

The staple of Eddie's outfit, however, remained the same throughout all drafts – the white shirt with the Hellfire Club logo on it. In the end, the costume department settled with Eddie sporting a sleeveless denim jacket, black jeans with holes on the knees, and white sneakers.

At the end of the show, we also saw a "battle" version of Eddie, with the sleeveless jacket turning khacki-green, and a bandana appearing on its head. The final streaks were the shield made out of a trash can lid and a makeshift spear.

No matter what Eddie wore throughout the season, fans fell hopelessly in love with him – even though the Duffer brothers killed him off in Volume 2 after letting him enjoy "the most metal ever" Metallica solo in the Upside Down as he and Dustin were confronting demobats.

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