Elton John's Truth Bomb on Michael Jackson: ‘A Disturbing Person to Be Around’

Elton John's Truth Bomb on Michael Jackson: ‘A Disturbing Person to Be Around’
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According to John, the musical icon became a completely different person after his youth, and not for the better.

Michael Jackson was a fundamental figure in music history due to his massive talent that left a lasting impact on the industry, but even if you separate the art from the artist, there is no denying that the "King of Pop" was a massively controversial figure.

Before his death in 2009, the musician was the subject of many scandals, including multiple allegations of child molestation.

Some of Jackson's colleagues have also made rather sour comments about their experiences with the legend, including fellow music icon Elton John.

In his 2019 autobiographical book, simply titled "Me," the singer doesn't shy away from some strong words, remembering the late Jackson as a "disturbing" and "mentally ill" individual.

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However, it seems that in his earlier years he was a drastically different person, as John, who has known him since Michael was a teenager, points out, mentioning that he was an "adorable kid."

But something happened in the following years, with John personally blaming the prescription drugs, and it made the musician lose touch with reality.

According to Elton, Jackson was uncomfortable in the company of adults and preferred to hang out with children instead, which is clearly illustrated by another incident that occurred at a dinner party John hosted.

During his attendance, Jackson seemed to be in pretty bad shape, didn't even touch the food and suddenly disappeared in the middle of the party, only to be found hours later playing video games with the housekeeper's young son.

Although all of this was very disturbing to John, he couldn't help but feel sorry for the star who was completely caught up in his own delusions and surrounded by minions who only said what Jackson wanted to hear.

Regardless of Michael Jackson's personality, his music continues to resonate more than a decade after his death, so it's everyone's personal choice to separate the art from its creator and enjoy it regardless of his transgressions.

Source: "Me" via The Independent