Emily Blunt's Celebrity Crushes: Who Were the Poster Boys on Her Wall?

Emily Blunt's Celebrity Crushes: Who Were the Poster Boys on Her Wall?
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Today, Emily Blunt is the crush of many men (and boys) all around the world, but back when she was a teen, she was the one hanging posters with sweet boys above her bed.

When we think about celebrities, we kind of just accept their current status and don’t really think that up to a certain point, they were normal people just like us. Before all the fame and recognition, they were looking up to the stars of their generations in awe just the way their fans are now looking at them, in turn.

And the actors and actresses who are now beloved by the global audience and considered sex symbols had those people for themselves, too. While no one’s really hanging posters on their walls anymore (or do they?), back in the day, even one of the most beautiful actresses in the world did exactly that, and her walls were covered in sweet boys.

Now, looking at Emily Blunt, you can’t help but see her as a world-famous actress and the crush of many men and boys herself… So it was quite funny to learn who were the guys that Blunt considered to be the biggest heartthrobs back in the day.

“I had [posters of] Jason Priestley from [the series Beverly Hills,] 90210, Damon Albarn from Blur, and Leonardo Dicaprio … I think I had a type,” the actress shared.

Funnily enough, even after becoming a celebrity herself, Emily Blunt finds her idolizing of these boys a bit uncomfortable to talk about. She explained that even though she had a few chances to do it, she never revealed her past obsession with Dicaprio to the actor himself despite having been acquainted with him for years.

“I feel like I’ve passed Leonardo by, but I feel like it would be weird to be like, you know, ‘I woke up to the sun on your face every morning.’ And [on the poster I had,] it was a picture of him in Romeo + Juliet… Oh, vintage Leo,” Blunt laughs.

It’s quite refreshing to learn that the now-world-famous celebrities used to adore their own A-lister crushes back in the day, isn’t it? Especially if you are (or used to be) the type to hang a bunch of posters above your bed, too.

Have you had any celebrity crush posters?

Source: The Late Late Show With James Corden