Encanto Theory: Mirabel Wasn't the Only Powerless Kid in the Family

Encanto Theory: Mirabel Wasn't the Only Powerless Kid in the Family
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Let's talk about Bruno after all.


  • In Encanto, Mirabel is suffering from being the only non-magical member of her otherwise "superpowered" family
  • A new fan theory claims that another family member, Bruno, might also have been powerless after all
  • His "prophecies" might have been none other than simple observations, and not actually predictions of one's fate

What if we told you that poor Mirabel Madrigal, who struggled to deal with the fact she never got a magical power like the rest of her family, was never, in fact, alone in that?

Now, we know that the entire point of Encanto was to prove that she didn't have to struggle at all, and that she didn't actually need a power to be loved by her family and to hold it together. However, a new fan theory recently shared on Reddit suggests that Mirable was never in fact the only non-magical child in the Madrigal family.

Bruno may have also been powerless this entire time. Hear us — and the theory author — out.

Was Encanto's Bruno Really Able to Tell the Future?

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According to Redditor krakn-slayr, Bruno's main flex — the ability to foresee the future (or, to be precise, different variants of it) — was not really a flex after all.

Let's take a trip down the memory lane. The main source of our knowledge about Bruno's powers is, of course, the hit song We Don't Talk About Bruno, in which the entire Madrigal family (along with the rest of the town) complaints about the poor prophet and his predictions.

However, if you think about them for a second, they could be nothing more than observations.

"'He told me my fish would die. the next day, dead.' ('Hey cool fish, you know goldfish don't live that long right?'), / 'He told me I would grow a gut, and just like he said.' ('You know drinking so much beer leads to obesity.')," noted the theory author.

The case could be the same with "all my hair" that "would disappear," as well as the prediction for Isabela that "her power would grow like the grapes that thrive on the vine" and for Dolores that "the man of [her] dreams" would be betrothed to another and out of reach (that one came out very wrong in the end, by the way).

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The miracle? It was never about Mirabel hugging her sister. His prophecy about Mirabel's lack of power? It was literally too ambiguous for Abuela to immediately label it as a bad omen — he just said it could be good or bad, which applies to pretty much everything in life.

What If The Entire Madrigal Family Never Had the Magic?

Another Redditor in the thread went on to suggest an even wilder take. While Bruno's "prophetical powers" could have been mere observations all along, the entire family's magic sounds way too much like a legend that, let's say... exaggerated things.

"To be honest all of their powers sound like someone is telling their family history to the great-grandchildren: my mom could cure anyone with a spoon of her soup or an empanada; it felt like my aunt could summon a hurricane with her bad mood swings; my sister was so strong she practically carried the house on her back," Redditor Morfolk noted.

Given that Mirabel's lack of magic was never the issue in the first place, this theory too looks plausible. When it comes to the true power of the family, it's never about some supernatural candle that graces you with a reason for others to love you, right?

Source: Reddit